Coaching is not topic specific but a process in which to work towards long lasting changes.

Some areas could be:

  • Your current career/future career
  • Work/home life balance
  • Preparing for promotion/redundancy
  • Returning to work after a break
  • Returning to education
  • Crossroads/midlife crisis
  • Increasing hobbies/interests
  • Relationships/family/friendships
  • Parenting
  • Any kind of anticipated or indeed unexpected change


A one off 2 hour session could be beneficial if you are preparing for one off event i.e. job interview, a presentation, a difficult conversation, and you just need to work through it before going for gold.

In the one off session we could work on:

  • Who you are
  • Your values
  • What’s happening
  • What’s next
  • Goal setting
  • Hopes and dreams