Monthly Workshops in Association with Life Clubs

I was first introduced to Life Clubs in 2012 and I have been a huge fan ever since. Life Clubs to me is a unique and colourful way of finding your own way to discover answers from within; some may say life changing. Using both local clubs and the Big Book of Me, I found myself finding a whole new perspective on life.

I hold monthly workshops to help you create a decluttered life - one in which you can laugh more, love more, play more and earn more. Each workshop is fun and practical, using original materials created by Nina Grunfeld and drawing on her experience as a bestselling self-help author, columnist and professional coach.

You will work in small friendly groups/pairs with clear, easy to follow instructions, to find new perspectives on topics in your life.

Feedback received from workshops:

"Very friendly escape"
"Made me evaluate my life"
"Meeting people and realising we are similar"
"People being vulnerable and honest and sharing with freedom in a safe and non-judgemental space"


For more information and to book please go to or drop me a line and I can tell you more