I enjoyed the effect after the session - when I realised that I met my target set at the beginning of the session and I had the list of actions. More importantly, I believed in myself, so that my enthusiasm and my initiative-ness raised so high that it was not only the effect of the first 24 hours after the session when I started to make further plans, but also this effect resulted after several weeks.


I came out with a clearer view of what positive steps I need to make to change how I view my life and what expectations it is okay to have. I have increased personal confidence and reconnected with my personal aims and the ‘real’ me.



Sarah didn’t tell, she made me come up with my own solutions. I came up with a longer term life plan, to work towards, over the next 5 years. Built my confidence in my job role and I am working towards a better work/life balance.


I was able to relax and go with the flow. I gained clarity in directions that I would like to move toward. It gave me the ability and freedom to talk about and share things previously afraid to verbalise.

Her style of coaching made me feel positive and confident through that journey. Her calmness and sharpness could get me to the right point very quickly. All sessions were different of each other what was very unpredictable and beneficial. I would definitely recommend Sarah, as she has her unique approach to people as well as generosity and a beautiful personality


I enjoyed identifying my own solutions by talking through what I wanted the outcome to be. Having time to reflect and think through what is going on in my life. Sarah was patient and gave me time to work through my thoughts, asking probing questions to make me think about strategies and resolutions.